Kelli Hart

Hartfelt Design, LLC Managing Partner, Kelli Hart originally created her brand in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia as an aspiring artist with a passion for scenic beauty and visual expression.  


Her original preferred forms of creative extraction- writing and sketching- were intensely influenced by her surroundings.  As she discovered that beauty in nature and in organized, creative spaces calmed her spirit and kindled her artistic flare, she found herself drawn to explore more in visual and spatial design.  


Kelli was inspired by her mother and an Interior Designing aunt who introduced her to Entertainment and Production design in the Atlanta Film Industry.  So, in 2012, Kelli auditioned and entered SCAD Atlanta on partial Artistic Scholarship as an Interior Design student.  


Though difficulties with birthing a special needs preemie cut her education there, as well as other career plans, short for a spell, Kelli went on to work in Wardrobe and Art Departments for indie films, as well as worked as Artistic Coordinator for a Dance Company and as intern for one of Atlanta's Largest Interior Design Firms.


Kelli Hart is a multi-faceted professional, who was raised to be a 'Renaissance Woman,' or adept in many areas.  Kelli is a socially conscious artist- intrigued by areas of sustainable design. She is continuously striving toward restorative design and making her art forms accessible to people of various social-economic backgrounds. Additionally, she believes in exercising the talents of both the 'left' and 'right' brain and is particularly motived by aspects of art and design directly impacted by technology.  Kelli has satisfied her analytical dimension by working 10 years in the IT field as a Software Developer and Consultant.  She looks forward to the day where her passions collide into an astronomically wonderful new notion!