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Featured  Artist

Eugene J. Mosby, Jr.

Our current ‘Featured Artist’ is a very talented genius of a man by the name of Eugene Mosby Jr.  Eugene is a folk artist or an ‘Outsider’ who paints in Acrylics, draws in Soft or Oil Pastel, as well as charcoal.

Eugene started painting in 2007 at the age of 47. Eugene never knew he had artistic talent until he visited a community art center in Albuquerque, New Mexico named OffCenter Art Gallery. OffCenter has talented artists who manage the facility, as well as assist emerging artists in the art world from the New Mexico area.  Mr. Mosby later found that this area is actually one of the art world’s epic centers for artists. 





states Mr. Mosby. This painting he refers to is called, ‘Roadrunner in the Snow.’


After that piece, Eugene continued to paint, up until the end of 2008, mostly due to dedicating his time to going back to school to study electronics and communication engineering and then onto agraduate degree in Information Systems Mgmt. Eugene hopes to resume painting in the near future.









In his past, Eugene did not realize through doodling that he was preparing for his newfound talent. As a computer programmer, whenever Eugene was in deep though about designing applications, he would doodle. He later found out during his undergraduate 

studies in electronics that some people, like himself, learn visually, therefore he processes information visually. For instance, he noticed he’d have to mentally see a visual flow chart of processes before he could start writing code based on the fluidity of the processes. This lends to his ability to create exceptionally beautiful visual art.





Eugene credits the OffCenter Art Gallery considerably to his contribution as an artist. 

“They have encouraged me to speak to a small group of artists about my stumbling into the art world, as well as entering my first painting into auction at the Albuquerque Civic Center,”

During the course of the years, Mr. Mosby has painted several pieces which he sold in Baltimore City, where he is from, originally. He also has created expressive clay works, and works with water colors, and has even done wood carvings.  He has learned how to paint on silk and he knits- his specialties are scarves. “I would like to blend the two. My art work from time to time will show texture and depth, as well as a message for interpretation. Along with my clay work, I will also mix fabric within its design which has been influenced by African art and mask making as the earlier form of mixed media,” states Eugene. Mr. Mosby added

“In the age of hack, which is nothing new to artist, I like recycling old parts or any type of items and turn it into something else with a new visually appeal. I already incorporated this idea in a Capstone project which I lead for my associates’ degree. My team was able to gather packaging products and convert it into something else for the processing of dispensing liquid to a conveyor belt item.”  See more about Mr. Mosby’s above-mentioned ‘art through technology’ here: (Conveyor Belt Project).