Handmade Marble & Acacia Wood Hexagonal White & Brown Coasters - Set of 4 - White Brown - Marble and Acacia Wood


Product Features:

  • Smooth to touch.
  • Adds a dash of elegance to your living room, dining room, study, kids' room, ottoman or tabletop.
  • It is sturdy and non-fragile.
  • Marble is extremely durable and lasts a long time.
  • It is easy to clean with soap and water, or by wiping.
  • The aesthetic design fits in well with any bar or table setting. Can be used everyday or for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays or parties.
  • Can be used to protect tables and countertops from hot drinks like coffee, tea or cocoa, and from cold drinks like beer, juice or water.
  • Marble is heat-resistant, which makes it the ideal material for a coaster.

Care Instructions:

Clean with hot soapy water, only when needed.


Marble is often associated with elegance and luxury, mostly due to its unique appearance. It is composed of an interlocking mosaic of crystals, and gets its trademark patterns from mineral impurities in its original limestone form. Marble is easy to shape and work with when it is first quarried - it hardens with time. Marble items are usually handcrafted using simple tools such as hammers and chisels. After the basic form is made, it is grooved, embossed and then polished.

This piece is made of a unique combination of wood and marble, arranged in an aesthetic design.


Product Specifications :

Color : White Brown | Material : Marble and Acacia Wood


Product Dimensions and Weight:

Length : 3.93" | Breadth : 3.93" | Height : 0.39" | Weight : 29.98 oz


Packaging Details:

Length : 5.90" | Breadth : 5.90" | Height : 4.72" | Weight : 29.98 oz



Marble & Acacia Hexagonal Coaster Set