Featured  Artist

Eugene J. Mosby, Jr.




The last painting Mr. Mosby completed prior to starting school he calls ‘Yea though I dance through The Valley of the Shadow of Death.’


“This type of painting falls within my theme of complex issues within the African American community, so that viewers can see what we acknowledge about a dark world with death all around, however we anchor our faith in a spiritual belief to push through that darkness while being sure that there is someone greater than us that will get us through, no matter how dark and blight” – Eugene Mosby, Jr.

In upcoming projects, Eugene plans to go back into painting expressive surreal images as my way of communicating to the world about complex matters through a complex communication medium. “With the complexity of the visual conversation, it will exhume the African American experience with an African American as the center piece of what’s evolving around them as well as through them. I want to give it, fine art imagery, so that it can have more of a visual impact with a Black person as the main character of the painting… My designs will reflect my knowledge of complex pieces that will demonstrate complex issues that will intertwine with one another in a harmonious way.” states Mr. Mosby.